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Facts and Figures

This page was written in 2010 and is quite possibly out of date but still makes interesting reading.

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Facts: (with evidence sources and the odd comment!)

  1. Further housing

    In addition to the 1250+ homes that make up Loves Farm, a further, large development is planned for St Neots - see report on Eastern Expansion.  Finding specific information about this development is proving difficult but you may discover something by wading through HDC's Local Development Framework Core Strategy, which was adopted in September 2009. 

    The Core Strategy does contain interesting comment.  It states "Attracting retail, leisure and employment development to St Neots is challenging due to competition from Bedford and Cambridge"  The document goes on to say "Huntingdon is a major housing and employment centre with a high jobs to employment ratio. It is well connected with the strategic road network and the east coast mainline railway. It has a relatively strong retail sector and functions as the primary shopping centre for the District."

    Despite the above remarks, HDC has no problem with locating the majority of new housing development in St Neots (2650 against 1800 in Huntingdon, but less space for employment development - 25 against 51 hectares! - see the Core Strategy Key Diagram.  Both towns get the same extra retail space (9000 sq mtrs) but this will be somewhat spread out in St. Neots, whereas Huntingdon's is in one main area, which will considerably enhance Huntingdon town centre.

    4,500 new homes are planned for the Eastern Expansion in St. Neots.  Consultations are under way.  Take a look at HDC's 'St Neots Vision' map.

  2. Travellers Sites

    HDC is considering two new traveller's sites in St. Neots.  We currently have the largest site within the district.  (Source - local press; DPD Issues Consultation and SHLAA Update from HDC).



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